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Texas every year the largest shoes many exchanges will be held in early July this year Kixpo, exchanges will usher in fifth years. In the exchange of shoe fans see see many rare shoes and a limited set, but also can lovers and from different city transactions to buy their favorite shoes. Here is a picture of the exhibition. Let's enjoy it together. Air Jordan 1 Retro High GS female size again brings sweet new color matching, with white shoes as the background, using sweet and not stunning red to create a gentle style, embellish black shoelace and Jumpman Logo, so that the overall relaxation degree. This style of item: 385475-303 release date: April 26th this weekend, team Lampre-Merida will return to Turkey blessed, team player, Christian Du pull seck Kristijan Durasek once in 2015 season won the first 51 session ring Turkish championship. 2016 ring Turkey match will be from April 24th to May 1st, a total of eight stages. two sporting director vicino (vicino) and Kyrgyzstan (righi) jointly led the expedition, the help in the near Durasek Lord Croatia player Du Rassekh players respectively Feng Junkai (Chunkai Feng), Roberto Ferrari (Roberto Ferrari), Ilya C Semyon Woy (llia Koshevoy) a cheap foamposites for sale nd Sasha - Moduoluo (Sacha Modolo), Nemec niemiec, Simone - Pettili (Simone Petilli) and Xu Gang, Xu Gang). The team staff including masseur Conti, Negri, Rinaldi, Romanò mechanic, and doctor Pollastri. wants a repeat of last year to win the championship of the scene is not an easy thing, especially to take into account the dura sac (Durasek) from the Giro Dell Appennino "just crash injury - sports director Vicino (Vicino) explained in any case - but Christian will strive for the best results with him best to provide him with support including like Nemec (Niemiec), C Semyon Woy (Koshevoy) and Pettili (Petilli), more than likely to be in central Italy world class climbing hand in the sprint, Luo Mo (Modolo) and Ferrari (Ferrari) composed of Italian sprint train will exert their power on the road stage. two Asian players Xu Gang (Gang Xu) and Feng Junkai (Feng Chunkai) will be responsible for a breakthrough, to control the rhythm of the game."Japan's well-known artists Space Mountain at (Hajime Sorayama) and New York recently conducted a joint collaboration footwear brand planning, launched a Space Mountain at Hajime Sorayama x British Knights "Art and The Future" joint series. In robot painting and prestigious empty jordan 3 katrina 2018 mountain base (Hajime Sorayama), this fan also come up with masters skills, inspired by the robots. Selection of a highly technological sense and fashion silver rose gold were graded color stitching, metal leather material constituting shoes. Very avant-garde fashion sense of technology, gives us an unprecedented experience, interested friends may pay more attention.Following the mid-April this year, the first trial, the subject of the claim amount up to 800 million lawsuit against Nike, Adidas, Zheng endorsement contract infringement, yesterday morning to hold a second hearing in the City Court. In the fierce debate, Nike tried to rely on a lot from the circle of "gray evidence" to identify and collusion Zheng Zhi Adidas inducements, use a payment flaw betrayed signed endorsement contracts and own. But these accusations are not only completely denied Adidas and Zheng agents also use Nike's high claims a significant difference before and endorsement contracts, court ridicule "is Zheng exploited too much commercial value." Since Adidas refused to mediate, the City Court will fix a day on the case for sentencing. [storm reproduce] Nike signed earlier, "Mr. Football" is ahead of "change shoes" 2003 ?? 7 1 May, Zheng Cheap foamposites for sale Zhi in the year China "Mr. Football" status, has won endorsements from a four-year contract Nike: Nike's commitment to pay annual sponsorship fee to Zheng Zhi, Zheng should meet the football team Under the unified dress code requirements, as far as possible in public wearing Nike products and participate in the brand's commercial activities. Meanwhile, Zheng not involve other sports-related activities and to accept sponsorship brand. Since 2004, Zheng repeatedly proposed to increase the Nike endorsement sponsorship fees, but was refused. January 2005 and March, Nike found that Zheng respectively in Hainan training and events in Japan, put the rival Adidas sneakers. March 18, Nike Zheng received a unilateral letter and was told the two sides of the sponsorship contract has been terminated. Only a month later, Zheng Zhi then and Adidas signed a new endorsement contract. In 2006, Adidas announced a signing players Zheng Zhi is his command. [trial Record] Nike: "gray evidence" that "Mr. Football" was inducements In order to prove the commercial rivals and claims 8 million yuan Zheng common words evidence, Nike aspects in addition to the conventional evidence issued endorsement contracts in the two trial, Zheng improp jordans for sale er wearing of the screen and so on, but also managed to capture the usual Only sports economic circle in order to obtain a part of the "gray evidence." Nike believes Zheng Zhi and the contract between them at least three years of failure to perform properly. In accordance with "Adidas" Zheng currently paid to not less than 3.5 million yuan per year endorsement fee is calculated, we believe that the commercial value of the endorsement should be far more than 3.5 million yuan Zheng, so they asked Adidas and Zheng Zhi community of interests of 8 million yuan compensation petitioned deserves support. Adidas: when signing the contract, the other party is "free body" Faced with accusations of Nike party, Adidas one of three overseas companies have denied. His agent said they are convinced that Zheng has been under "free body" of the premise, he signed the contract and the other party. Therefore, the new endorsement contract did not "Nike" result in any infringement. In yesterday's court session, Adidas did not want to open the contract between them and Zheng Zhi, but his lawyers are still a number of Nike's "gray evidence" had questioned the authenticity. The lawyer, more than the evidence provided by Nike are based on su jordans on sale mens bjective speculation formed its most critical "internal message" Due to not let email providers appear for cross-examination, so it can not be used as evidence to accuse Adidas premeditated inducements to Zheng use. As one of China to accept the Adidas-sponsored national football team, Zheng wore Adidas shoes in the lower portion of the case and can not be considered a violation of the contract and Nike. Attorney Zheng: Zheng Zhi is Nike exploited switched belong wise Zheng agent is a response to Nike: Nike failure to pay the agreed liquidated earlier, Zheng unilateral termination in line with the spirit of law. Moreover, if the claims 8 million yuan Nike reasonable evidence, not only illustrates the original and Zheng Nike signed endorsement fee is too meager, and proved that when Zheng endorsement fees raised reasonable request repeatedly rejected by Nike unfair. When it comes to the key point, the agent even deliberately go back to the gallery shouted reporters, said: "This shows that the commercial value of Zheng have been exploited out of Nike, had exercised the right to terminate the contract seems to really be wise."9 KOBE elite on January 31, Nike released Kobe before 10 will be one of the market's popular shoes cheap air jordans , overwhelmed, Terrell Owens on a social network, drying out of the Kobe Bryant I customized 9 elite, only color, yellow mainly blackish red, supplemented by a combination of presentation and the ever popular "Bruce Lee" theme is very similar, the angle only chart release. immediately download and install the artifact to grab a shoe artifact APP-- when the guest artifact!! 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CTO Zhang Dongbin makes product introductions comes from the description of new chief technology officer Zhang Dongbin at his new product conference. In July 15th, with the type held in Xiamen "[] with power 2016 new conference and wisdom stores strategic plan", released three "black shoes and apparel industry technology products: foot 3D scanner, foot pressure tester and human body 3D scanner. for this reason, Slogan Lin, a new type of CEO, has also put forward a new type of Chinese: the size of Chinese is called follow type. Especially when he stood on the edge of the stage to say the number of arguments: "from 2015 October officially promoted to the present, with the body type database has more than 100000+." Comparison of cumulative results of his national footwear and silk do not mind Institute, and about their own future, to build three-dimensional data bank based on shape. 's three partners first appeared on the same stage as new business goals, first or new products?. takes three dimensional imaging of binocular vision, integrated human-computer interaction and slightly warped curved lines from the same principle as lunar exploration robot...... Facts have proved that many customers are willing to take this type of foot three-dimensional scanner to remove socks, to meet their quest for the body. This includes Howard, the leading NBA star signed by PEAK last year, which is said to have his signature scanner, which has been in the company since last year's trip to china. also has a foot pressure tester developed in May this year. This 40 cm wide, 1 cm thick flat panel, but Lin Zhiming was identified as the ceiling of domestic products - which means that no other products can go beyond it. "It's more fun to take this field completely." Lin Zhiming said. follow the "black technology products" at the conference site , similarly, the body measuring instrument made up of 3 pillars, has been poured into painstaking efforts. It's even more accurate than a foot 3D scanner: it scans 6320 pictures every 15 seconds. But, in view of privacy considerations, it seems not so intuitive, even as the cage on a layer of black cloth, and even more mysterious. when the covering layer, technical parameters and performance layer of information by Zhang Dongbin unraveling like spread after the conference audience has long been unable. A children's shoes brand manager to fly is one of them, specially flew from Shanghai to he asked a PPT how much money? "The market price is only 10% of foreign brands" that seemed to satisfy his curiosity. follow pattern and XTEP 〉 since time entered in 2015, HyperRev 2015 began gradually in the global offering, global each big Nike online store offering a total of color also within a short period of 20 days reached eight, overwhelmed, this to create a new team series and released a "New York" color, shoes to the New York Knicks theme blue orange double color for the upper main, combined with gray bottom injection modified, the color only in the Japanese version of the sale, priced at 16200 yen, or about RMB 854 yuan. more the latest shoes running shoes, NBA anecdotes and sports knowledge, please pay attention to the most Niubi sports equipment community [when off], microblogging search "when off, micro channel search dunkhome and extra welfare wayward send.The Nike Air Ship played an important role as Jordan's former battling partner at NBA and the prototype of Air Jordan 1. From the overall design of its shoes, and the presentation of the details, we can see many classic shoes, as well as the shadow of the Air Jordan 1 generation product.