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NIKE sports player Yi Jianlian new shoes on the court made clear its tactics in transition 2008-03-12 18:49:44 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: Sina Sports] Print & nbsp; Close NIKE specifically for Yi Jianlian to create Air Max Basketball & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; this specifically for Yi to create the Air Max Basketball in the shape and technology use are related to the previous Nike Air Max More 180 there are some changes, and this change is likely also to Arab Tactical Transition pave the way. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the previous S-Class Air Force I, as well as the early exposure of the Olympic Games exclusive Hyperdunk, on the tongue still retains the exclusive Yi Scorpio Logo. Logo design exclusive for a specific player behavior driven by Jumpman Logo intensified, a time Nike's Kobe Bryant, James, Stoudemire, Nash has its own exclusive Logo, other brands even Yao Ming, Luis Scola also have unique personal mark, Although visibility varies, but the marketing strategy point of view, is indeed the big brands now time-tested "dual-brand strategy," that on the one hand by means of Nike brand prestige and visibility for its project to lay the foundation and basic identity, on the other hand to Logo shape independent players exclusive personalized products and freshness, such a reputation before selling the policy after the Nike popular, even in the early exposure of the LBJ 6 has been cheap air jordans canceled Gogo, only LBJ's Logo, so James enjoyed Only Jordan have exclusive vamp treatment. NIKE specifically for Yi Jianlian to create Air Max Basketball & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Having a common look different. In fact, both the NBA and the CBA, Yi Jianlian's position on has not been a conclusive verdict, and the "first high center," Yao Ming is different from him in the CBA and Wang Zhizhi heyday of similar high and fast, faster than, but in the NBA, he also encountered a similar embarrassment with the king "ratio of short, faster than the slow" fuzzy position on the one hand due to their physical condition, the other is the technical characteristics of the decision. Can Yi Jianlian butterfly has become a veritable space and easy, the key is to their own position is accurate. From Nike to make his choice and the signature of Air Max More 180 run, with a post player level can provide cushioning effect of the heel cushion MAX, but overall is narrow shoes to remove the bottom of the foam, but also reduces the whole shoes weight. Although the division of the Air Max 180, but omitted the original ankle Bangdai. So with the emphasis on speed and is very flexible design, it seems, Nike positioning Yi Jianlian also in a stage of understanding. NIKE specifically for Yi Jianlian to create Air Max Basketball & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; NBA honed over time, this new shoe back to the previous Asian Games in Doha, Yi Ji foamposites for cheap anlian had to wear the Air Max Elite echoes of Air Max Basketball. And the use of the small Sri Lanka Air Force Max STAT same in the end, Full Length Max Air, the full-grown capacity than the rear cushion before the palm Max alone provides more protection at the expense of nature are fast feedback. Also compared to the previous generation, this time around the upper holes, fast lacing and thickened toe protection design can be seen on a better understanding of Yi Jianlian a level that abandoned flower head, move closer to a more practical level . This is also in the game, Yi Jianlian pursued. From adding more protective and cushioning of view, it may be in the United Arab foreshadowing closer to the inside. NIKE specifically for Yi Jianlian to create Air Max Basketball NIKE specifically for Yi Jianlian to create Air Max Basketball NIKE specifically for Yi Jianlian to create Air Max Basketball & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; last mention about behind the undercut, the tick hook unique process recently appeared frequently on the Zoom Kobe 3 and other shoes that retro and fresh design for the Nike brand promotion plus Minute. & nbsp; & nbsp; Related news& nbsp; on Wangai hair, crooked eyes, nose, and large die --- overturned tongue obviously been vilified Asian caricature. The new Adidas shoes to demonize Asian Wangai hair, crooked eyes, nose and overturned large die --- obviously been vilified Asia Cheap air jordans for sale n caricature is impressively printed on the new limited edition "Yellow Series" Adidas (Adidas) sports shoes tongue, After the shoes help also printed a "Fong" word, namely Chinese "Feng." German sporting goods maker Adidas This approach led to strong criticism from the United States and around the world Asians, who accused the company of mocking Asians alleged acts of racial discrimination. denounce: Are we a yellow threat? The sneakers jointly launched by the Adidas sportswear company and San Francisco HUF, and "Limited Edition" available in the form 1000 pairs, each pair sells for $ 250. mainly for collectors of Adidas sneakers. Comics fictional tongue image called "RayFong", by well-known San Francisco graffiti creator Berry? McGee (BarryMcGee) hands. McGee half of Chinese descent, his work has been to subvert the traditional well-known, "RayFong" image also appeared in his earlier works too. Which shoes, once launched, critical voices began to appear on the Internet. From Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong, China, the people were crusade to demonize Asian conduct Adidas and blog on the BBC. "Yellow Series? For them, we still yellow threat?" Wrote a blog on the Internet. San Francisco Chinese Association for the Rights (ChineseforAffirmativeAction) Executive President ????? Hunter said: "In times like today, even with such an image is written in such a huge scale, Adidas and international company, wh jordans on sale online ich was painful and disturbing. " excuse: no intention to offend any person or group Adidas spokesman claimed that the company "appreciate the works of any self-expression" and "has no intention to offend any person or group." HUF owners ??????? said criticism of the language that appears on the Internet, but is the "Internet rubbish." He said: "They should first find information speak again." This is because McGee's painting had to express their anti-racist ideology. Washington American Justice Center (AmericanJusticeCenter) of ?????? said: "The face printed on a Chinese sports shoes, has made it lose that layer of meaning." Some Asian organizations believe that this pattern had some Political satire comics used, there demonize Asian too. neither art, nor trendy, but not humor & nbsp;NIKE Sportswear has been able to be classic and fashion elements be combined into one, often launch reinventing classic styles modeled engraved single product can make people have a brand new feeling today as we bring this pair The new work is inspired to Dunk High redesigned Dunk High AC, upper with canvas material, not only full of texture better ensure comfort when wearing dark blue shoes with the same color Logo in a neat shoe against the background gentleman full of temperament, and light-colored plaid lining processing, but also make the summer sun handsome boys wear, this Nike Dunk High AC - Obsidian Canvas will be la jordan 3 katrina 2018 nding in major retail outlets in the near future, like friends may To a lot of attention to it! Source: sneakernews 2012-7-26 upload and download attachments at 16:26 (332.33, KB) American street skateboard brand Vans's high-end extension Vans Syndicate released a new series in the autumn of 2012 Chukka Low "S" Ballistic Pack, the shoe body using ballistic nylon cloth, waterproof and enough upper supporting and high abrasion characteristics, waffle sole shape collocation of white midsole and classic, a total of two color version, there is also a uses the same ballistic nylon cloth material backpack, enough to meet the daily demand function. 2012-7-26 16:26 upload and download attachments (253.37 KB) 2012-7-26 16:26 upload and download attachments (248.41 KB) 2012-7-26 16:26 upload and download attachments (234.22 KB) 2012-7-26 16:26 upload and download attachments (202.23 KB) some time ago, we introduce a WEST NYC x New Balance MT580 shoes, surely we are very impressed by this pair into the shop, the host Lester Wasserman personal style classical style was also attracted wide hot. Not only the overall color matching shoes is very beautiful, but also like the big bottom inkjet design, details of the lake water green embellishment is icing on the cake. Now, this pair of shoes we've been looking for has finally landed on mita-sneakers, so don't miss your favorite friends. 2012-10-20 08:57 upload and Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale download attachments (123.61 KB) 2012-10-20 08:57 upload download attachment (120, KB) 2012-10-20 08:57 upload download attachment (131.27, KB) 2012-10-20 08:57 upload download attachment (136.87, KB) 2012-10-20 08:57 upload download attachment (65.85, KB) Chinese shoes Network October 19 hearing, said a gang of three men! Even the god of basketball Michael Jordan is no exception. There are even a lot of people say, Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen should kiss traversed the floor, because there is no Scottie Pippen would not now of Michael Jordan. The appearance of the Nike Air Force 1 "Scottie Pippen" custom models, every detail as if in tribute to the man behind the great God! Seven-time All-Star, averaged 21 points, 16 times into postseason ... This is a fine match for each are designed so that fans see the NIKE company's careful thought.most of the domestic sneakerhead usually plays with shoes, buys shoes, and receives sneakers, is mostly through domestic websites and media , but there are also a lot of hardcore sneakers around Hin, many of them say "" domestic shoes, not only fake shoes, shoes information is relatively lagging behind, today, let's take a look at ebay, a foreign shoe trade hub look at the most expensive 23 double AJ on eBay now # NO.23 # Air Jordan 1 Retro "Dave White" you Size: 12 price: $4500 / 30952 RMB 2011 in Nike, in order to launch its own charity project "WINGS for the Future" has launched the AJ1 with the artist Dave White AJ1 this year only launched 23 pairs, and all sold in the form of auction # 22, # Air Jordan 11985, Black, Red, OG Size: 9.5 price: $7000 / 48148 RMB this is a pair of allegedly sold in 1985 first year, "no wear" gold size, but the price on eBay almost goes to 50 thousand RMB # 21, # Air Jordan 11, Retro Low, "Sample", Size: 9 , this is a sample version of the AJ 11 Low, launched in 2013, relative to the official release version of this sample uses a lot of red elements, (official release) # 20, # Air Jordan 2 Retro "Eminem" Size: 17 price: $7500 / 51587 RMB Jordan Brand launched a pair of AJ 2 in collaboration with Eminem in 2008 although the sale price was only $110 but these shoes are limited to 313 pairs, which is also Detroit's honor code, interestingly, the limited sale of shoes are large, 〉, a rapidly rising German sports giant Adidas, is slowly narrowing its distance with the leading Nike in the US market. According to the latest report of YAHOO FINANCE Adidas, in May this year the United States sports shoes market share has risen to 11.3% from 6.3% last year, almost 11.8% of Brand and Jordan (14.8% last year) flat, while Nike decreased from 35.9% to 34.7%, while the lead up to 23.4%, but still need to be vigilant, after all, only Adidas one year time will shorten the gap between the 6.2%. Perhaps taking into account the market share of the pressure, Nike has finally announced the landing the world's largest online shopping platform of Amazon, and Adidas will also launch BOOST UltraBOOST, including YEEZY and NMD and other popular products, the momentum will continue. provenance: hypebeast APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement trend], scan code take you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion trends, more free shoes true and false authentication service, you experience!This year Air Jordan 13 is hot this year engraved, you have to do, as early as 2004, for the "Kansas Jayhawks" had a special color, tongue Jayhawks logo, blue and red outsole and uppers of leather embroidery. There are many special PE versions of Air Jordan 13, which can be viewed on ebay. 2013-1-10 upload, download attachment (138.94, KB), at 11:25, 2013-1-10 upload and download attachments at 11:25 (130.63, KB) 2013-1-10 upload and download attachments at 11:25 (146.08, KB) Nike Nike Air Force 1 30th anniversary celebration gradually towards the end, is the so-called sanshierli, this can be said to be the adult shoes in the last month comes when has launched a variety of amazing creative shoes in the new "Downtown" series, using high-tech printing collocation stereo light fringe the way of showing a unique and true to life Python leather texture, and a new design of the shoe and the shoe body also get rid of the recent very thick shoe body, and by the shoe body coverage to the soles of the python set is to let people can not resist, but the shoes when Black Friday's warning launched you might want to panic buying! 2012-11-24 08:30 upload and download attachments (107.36 KB) the annual NBA all star game is not only the players' talent show, but also the products of the major brands. In addition to the court will appear in stores to buy shoes styles, many players are wearing non commercially available PE shoes debut, let us enjoy a lot of these boots. 2012-7-13 08:29 upload download attachment (186.31, KB) Nike EA Sports launched this year again recently released Nike Lunar TR1 new men training shoes "orange power" 'NCAA Football' 13 ', colors are inspired by the legend Barry Sanders and his university University of Oklahoma Cowboys team colors, once in the university even breaking the single season 35 NCAA personal record Barry Sanders this is a season of' NCAA Football '13' on the cover. 2012-7-13 08:29 upload and download attachments (103.65 KB) 2012-7-13 08:29 upload and download attachments (77.61 KB) 2012-7-13 08:29 upload and download attachments (124.23 KB) 2012-7-13 08:29 upload and download attachments (192.63 KB) 2012-7-13 08:29 upload and download attachments (158.31 KB) 2012-7-13 (08:29 upload and download attachments 106.52 KB 2012-7-13); 08:29 upload and download attachments (158.76 KB)