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2 at the end of a pair of shoes, not to sell next year! Many shoes in order to get a pair of shoes Jordan (Air Jordan, hereinafter referred to as AJ) will increase even queuing overnight to buy a pair of shoes original one thousand yuan, and even fired on the million price. AJ Jordan Nike to create a personal brand, 2013 AJ shoes in the nation's retail sales amounted to $2 billion 250 million. This is Jordan's marriage with Nike to create a business legend. But recently, Jordan has said he will end cooperation with Nike for 30 years. From Jordan shoes will disappear? Some Chongqing shoe fans in Chongqing morning news interview with reporters appeared very calm, "said break up rumors maybe AJ will push up the price of shoes in the market. why the end of 30 years of marriage? said Jordan shoes are not satisfied with the quality of , according to U.S. media reports, Jordan said last week in a local radio interview, he will end the cooperation with Nike for 30 years. AJ will launch the new shoes every year, each one using cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge fashion era, now has to AJ28 generation. According to media reports, Jordan himself and Nike gradually diverge in terms of creativity and quality. "I've never really been involved in shoe sales, but this is recognized as the best sports shoes, the quality of the past few years is not satisfactory, I refuse to continue to do so." Jordan said. if the cooperation between Jordan and Nike canceled, with Michael LOGO engraved version might also be gone? In this Jordan simply replied: "since 2015, the brand will cease to exist, whether or not I will create another sports clothing brand? The next thing who can say? I just want to spend more time with my wife and a pair of twins now." After the Vans OTW in the quarter to launch a series of new Tesella shoes, has brought us the extension of Bedford's classic shoes, shoes collocation four different color, two pairs of black, brown and a pair of white. The body of the shoe on the use of a variety of material: leather, suede and canvas, It is often seen. But they all have a common theme: Marble grain, some of the marble grain on the top line, some hidden in the lining and insole, and shades of marble grain characteristics, more become the most attractive shoes. Currently available. price: $90; No.: VN-0XB5FHV. price: $80; No.: VN-0XB5FHU. price: $80; No.: VN-0XB5FR8. price: $80; No.: VN-0XB5FHX. W cheap jordans for sale eChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] in April this year, Adidas is turned "blue", declared with public organizations Parley for the Oceans (marine negotiations) cooperation. Adidas plans to use marine plastic waste materials to develop products, so that consumers attention and get involved, contribute their part to clean the marine environment. The core of this cooperation three main areas: communication and education, research and innovation, and direct action against marine plastic pollution. In the last year, the adidas Group began implementation of "green" development strategy, they said it would gradually phase out its 2,900 stores worldwide bags. "We are located in Nuremberg, Germany, from its first Homecourt stores started in 2014 we have gradually brought the concept of sustainable all the shops," Adidas vice president of Social and Environmental Affairs Frank? Henk said, "Stop in All stores use plastic bags, just our first step. " Prior to the expansion and development, Adidas, among these "green retail" performance for as long as six months of testing. At the same time, it focused on the procurement aspects of environmental improvements in the annual environmental and social report published on April 20 this year, the Adidas stressed that in 2014, it increased the proportion of products using dry Dry Dye staining technique is estimated at the world's total savings of 100 million liters of water. Adidas also announced that this textile industry-specific technology will begin in the spring and summer 2016, extended to its footwear production. In addition, adidas is also developing virtual prototyping technology, in the period 2011-2014, a total reduction of 1.9 million samples produced version of the product. According to Adi statistics, from the "high-quality cotton initiative," the amount of cotton, now accounts for 30% of total production, and its initial target just 25 percent, chemical fiber loop in their sports products in use also increased significantly. In addition, Adidas last year signed a cooperation agreement with Bluesign technology companies, which provide for the Adidas chemical materials for the textile industry expertise. The Adidas collaboration with Parley, recycling marine litter will develop out of the fiber, for the Cheap foamposites for sale manufacture of innovative products and plans from the beginning of 2016 the technology used in clothing, which may include an upper production. The two sides hope to raise public awareness through this marine conservation and environmental protection. Last year, the Dutch clothing Tide brand G-StarRaw, has launched a collaboration with Parley plastic garbage recycling-based denim line. Adidas announced on annual sustainability report the news, but also detailed the specific steps which promote environmental processes, such as greater use of sustainable farming cotton and recycled polyester and the like. ? founder Parley for the Oceans of the tome grid policy expressed concerns about the marine environment, and said it needs the full participation of the community: "We are not only concerned about the next generation of design concepts, technology, materials and products, we but also to unite consumers, athletes, artists, designers, musicians and scientists, so that we personally contribute to the marine environment. " Adidas environmental aspects of the future will take more action, more cooperation, which has been planned to the concept of "sustainable innovation" into the brand culture. In other brand set off a wave wearable device boom, while Adidas was fantastic and from the environment into the area, the development of new environmental technology to create high-quality products. When Adidas reference to "green" again, consumers will realize that this is not about profit, but to protect the world's resources - not only to get the consumer's favor, but also to attract more certain extent potential consumers, because environmental protection is, after all, every one of us the attention, and whom action. You can say a series of actions taken by Adidas starting to prove effective in terms of public image. Greenpeace in March this year has been named in recognition of Adidas and Nike critics. To know that in 2011 Adidas and Nike have been included along with Greenpeace blacklist. At that time the organization released a report that Nike and Adidas in China's factories discharged into rivers environmental hormone-like substances, such substances can interfere with biological endocrine, reproductive system and will harm. worthy of comparison is that in 2012, Friends of Nature, the Public Environmental Research Center, Dahl asked, ring the Friends of Science and Technology and Nanjing Greenstone five envir Retro jordans for sale onmental organizations jointly issued a research report in Beijing pointed out that 361 degrees, Anta and other 22 large there are significant shortcomings shoes and apparel brand in China for its environmental management of the supply chain. And after the publication of the report, 19 of them did not make any response, but only three made the perfunctory response. Many shoes and apparel enterprises is not the first time broke the pollution problem, but did not seem to get their full attention. There are many brands it had also been other attempts to promote environmental awareness, such as the introduction of "old clothes recycling program," although nominally to protect the environment and public welfare, but in fact it is from the company's own interests, may be referred to A new marketing tool to promote sales and to do. environmental protection is not just a slogan An advertised, it requires companies effective strategic planning, pollution control, environmental awareness, and guide consumers real concern and participation. Although the future further efforts Adidas (Adidas plans to achieve 100% of "sustainable cotton" in 2018), but it seems that victory is in sight. Adidas will soon announce the achievements, and to expand consumer-related promotional activities. this point, Adidas really can be called a pioneer of green revolution. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: China sports shoes Network)Commissioning editor: Yang Kai date: 2015-4-9 product portfolio 730 regular season games played together, 14 years too bitter, the achievements of the history of the greatest NBA group of three people. In April 9th, the Spurs GDP group played together again in the match against the rockets at home, and the three players came out together. Their regular appearances in the regular season reached 730 matches, becoming the first three people in the NBA regular season. As one of GDP's Toni Parke partners, PEAK is also on this historic occasion, launched with the symbol of Sanantonio - "the free will of courage and sacrifice of the Alamo fortress" as the theme, carefully crafted Parke two "the Alamo" limited set, and pay tribute to the basketball team spirit and brotherhood. The global limit of 730 sets of commemorative products will be sold in China and the United States in April 9th.Spike Lee last night to watch the WNBA game in Madison Square Garden, the pro exposure of a pair of new Jordan shoes. It is reported that the shoe is following the Jordan spizike and Jordan son of Mars and a new work, shoes called air jordan spike 40, 40 named or companies from his acres and a mule, the color is the Knicks color logo, and shoes in details with the air jordan 5 is very similar, the concrete will be officially released on October 14. source: solecollector1921, Shimano Shoburo in Osaka, Japan founded the Shimano Tetsuku (Shimano iron works), flywheel products for sale. don't know if Shimano was able to envision that the sale of the bicycle wheel of the small workshop one day will be able to affect the entire bicycle industry giants. 2016 years of the 18 world tour in the team, there are 14 teams using the Dura-Ace Shimano speed suite. Starting from the first set of Dura-Ace 7100 in 1973, to the eighth generation of Dura-Ace 9000 in 2013, the birth of Dura-Ace Shimano has been a full 40 years of history. This 40 years, Dura-Ace from start imitation of the Campagnolo, now used almost than their product line is also widely patent leading the development of the highway car products and technologies, we in marvel to Shimano lasting innovation at the same time may also could not help but give birth to such a question: Shimano will always lead the industry? Will 's time on this giant stop? When the axis of time we see Dura-Ace of and we have found that since the nineties of the last century, the update cycle of the highway Dura-Ace suite is being gradually shortened, since entering the new century, the interval between the update of third generation suite from far to near 5 years and 4 years, if in accordance with the law, time come to the next generation Dura-Ace suite should is Dura-Ace 9000 released 2013 3 years later. we certainly hope Shimano can come up with a new guy as soon as possible, but, Shimano can meet us? Just entered the 2016, we can do just quietly waiting for it. Dura-Ace 1973 7100 5/6 speed 7100 birth the first set of Dura-Ace. At that time the name of the source in the combination of "dura" and "ace", the dura from "Duralumin" and "durability", has a long durability of the meaning, and "ace" represents is extraordinary talent. However, before the November 1974, this suite are is came out in the name of "Jura ace", because "dura" in the Japanese pronunciation of English is "Jura" until a year later was officially changed to Dura-Ace. 1973 year, Shimano hopes to enter the European market by sponsoring the Flandria team, which is the year of the original Flandria-Shimano fleet car was sponsored by the Belgian professional team Flandria Shimano, has become the world's first use of Dura-Ace setsand prior to determine the sale of the same time, XII'INSTINCT' has officially landed LEBRON foreign language version, and will be officially on sale in November 22nd as scheduled. This dark purple Posite vamp presented with dotted with orange color low-key without losing gorgeous, it may be said is the first the most luxurious color in the color, which sells for $200, No. 684593-583. The women's version will also be synchronized on sale, priced at $160. we only to have the news, we are approximately spherical artifact, micro channel attention "DUNKHOME and slams the service number left angle about? Brother?The order has been very full, the factory every year to maintain profitability, a Mr. Gao Guanxu Wei Xu Changan Footwear Company Limited (a pseudonym) never thought, this has nearly 20 years of history of Taiwan funded enterprises will suddenly collapse. It is understood that Changan Wei Xu Shoes Co., Ltd. is one of the largest shoe factories in Changan. The main business is to produce high-end shoes for OEM customers in Europe and america. Reporters then learned from the factory where the salt West community, the government will pay more than 7 million yuan for the factory wages, the money will be on 4, 5, two, issued to the factory more than 2000 workers hands. "boss disappeared, the factory collapsed, we owed two months wages did not give". Wang Henan guy the factory manufacturing department told reporters this month, 1 at noon, the factory owner Zhuang Jiaying and 4 other executives in Taiwan suddenly disappeared, suppliers of debt also came to the door, he and the workers know business failures. "about the 30 year old Zhuang good clever eight meters tall, handsome and gentle, not only, we treat these subordinates are very amiable, often responsive." Mr. Xu is almost "full of praise" recalled the name "go guy" and owed him more than 10000 yuan salary boss. He said that at 11:20 on the 1 of this month, he also talked with Zhuang Jiaying more than ten minutes work. At 12, he saw a visitor in front of the parlour, still waiting for him. Zhuang said to the guest, "go upstairs and get something and come back soon," but never appeared again. Many workers also said that the day of the incident, Zhuang Jiaying spent the whole morning in various departments of the factory to turn around, did not expect the afternoon of 1, "go guy". The thirty-first Olympic Games will be kicked off in Rio De Janeiro, and then Charles Barkley the Nike Air Force 180 Olympic boots also take this back to the shelf. This section is still wearing the iconic white blue and red shirt, with luxurious gold decoration details, finally carrying signs at the end of ending, charm. item: 310095-100 release date: July 7th 3.jpg (78.17 KB, download number: 9) download Nike Air Force 180 Olympic will soon return to 2016-6-8 21:31 upload 2.jpg (122.65 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Air Force 180 Olympic will soon return to 2016-6-8 21:31 upload 4.jpg (75.53 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Air Force 180 Olympic will soon return to 2016-6-8 21:31 upload 1.jpg (72.02 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Air Force 180 Olympic will soon return to 2016-6-8 21:31 upload Nike 00Nike day before the official release of the 2017 annual Black History Month series of shoes. The series contains LeBron 14, Kyrie 3, KD 9, Air Force 1 High, NikeCourt Flare and LunarEpic Flyknit, with black color represents luxury and glory of the present, and is equipped with special texture as decoration. nike-air-force-1-bhm-1.jpg (107.67 KB, download number: 18) download Nike released 2017 BHM Black History Month exclusive series 2017-2-2 09:12 upload nike-air-force-1-bhm.jpg (108.94 KB, download number: 17) download Nike released 2017 BHM Black History Month exclusive series 2017-2-2 09:12 upload nike-air-force-1-bhm-3.jpg (93.72 KB, download number: 18) download Nike released 2017 BHM Black History Month exclusive series 2017-2-2 09:12 upload nike-air-force-1-bhm-2.jpg (82.68 KB, download number: 17) download Nike released 2017 BHM Black History Month exclusive series 2017-2-2 09:12 upload nike-kd-9-bhm-release-date-.jpg (97.47 KB, download number: 19) download Nike released 2017 BHM Black History Month exclusive series 2017-2-2 09:12 upload nike-kd-9-bhm-release-date.jpg (79.49 KB, download number: 17) download Nike released 2017 BHM Black History Month exclusive series 2017-2-2 09:12 upload nike-kyrie-3-bhm-release-date-1.0universty-blue-nike-foamposite-one-on-feet-3.jpg (102.86 KB, download number: 13) download Nike Air Foamposite One University Blue Mito enjoy 2016-2-3 08:30 upload